16. JUNI | 15-20 UHR


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Street festival „Magistrale Frei(t)räumen“

Date: Friday, June 16
Time: 15-20 h
Place: On „An der Magistrale“ (in front of Neustadt-Centrum)

Next Friday the second edition of the political street festival „Magistrale Frei(t)räumen) will take place, and we would like to invite you to join us!

Together, different actors from Halle – Neustadt and Altstadt – will shape the public space. Look forward to lots of booths with actions, information, art and delicious food. In addition, you can expect a varied stage program with cultural contributions and exciting panel discussions on the topics „Ausländerbehörde“ and „Perspectives on Politics and Administration by Halle-Neustadt citizens“.

Our goal is to create a space where diversity, art, culture and neighborhood are the focus. A place of exchange, encounter and discussion. We want to make people and issues visible that deserve more attention.

You are cordially invited to come by and join in!

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